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Branch and Representative office

Singapore Branch office:

Branch office registration would be useful to Foreign Companies who wish to expand their operations overseas. Branch office is not governed by ownership structure however 2 Singapore Resident Agents are required to be appointed. Branch office has to comply with all legal formalities such as submission of financial reports, Annual General meetings and are subject to income tax at the rate applicable to corporate

Procedure for Branch office registration is the same as Pte Ltd Company. However following documents (in English or an official translation) are required to along with application for Branch Office registration

  • A certified copy of its certificate of incorporation in the foreign country;
  • A certified copy of the document defining its constitution;
  • Particulars of Directors;
  • If any of the directors are resident in Singapore, also members of the local board of directors, a memorandum stating the powers of the local directors;
  • A memorandum of appointment or power of attorney of two or more local agents authorised to accept notices served on the branch on its behalf. The local agents must be natural persons resident in Singapore;
  • A statutory declaration by the agent confirming particulars of the branch;
  • A notice of location of its registered office in Singapore.

Prime will be pleased to assist you with registration of a Singapore Branch Office and other related matters.

Singapore Representative Office

Setting up of Representative office is suitable For those who wish to set up temporary vehicle to conduct research, act as liaison office and for companies that are keen on exploring the viability of conducting business in Singapore without any intention to do business. Representative office is not expected to generate any revenue and hence not liable to pay any income tax. Representative office is not required to be owned by Individual or a company but as per requirement, one Singapore Resident Representative Required. Representative office is not expected to submit financial report.

Along with application, the following documents are required to apply Representative office registration

  • Parent company's Certificate of Incorporation (in English or an official translation)
  • The parent company's latest audited accounts
  • In case applicant is unable to provide above documents, he/she must seek waiver and provide a set of the company brochures and self-declare the needed information.

Generally Approval can take 2-3 weeks and will generally be valid for one year and again will have to reapply at the time of expiry of registration period. The foreign company can apply for employment pass for their overseas personnel that will be relocating to Singapore after registration of representative office, alternatively it can hire local staff for its Representative Office employees.

Prime will be pleased to assist you with registration of a Singapore Representative Office and other related matters.

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